Tax and Regulatory Services (TRS)

Tax and Regulatory Services (TRS)

Direct and Indirect Taxation compliance

We assist clients in their routine Income Tax, GST and other indirect tax compliances such as periodical returns, advance taxes, withholding taxes, transfer pricing etc. When compliances are completed within their due time, business can be run smoothly without any legal issues.

Tax planning and advisory

Keeping in mind the ever changing tax laws, we analyze your business model, transactions and agreements so as to mitigate risk and implement tax efficient structures and models. We oversee tax due diligence, provide suggestions and remedies for your doubts and problems.

Appeals & Litigation services

Our specialized team will take care of your tax litigation process right from drafting replies/ appeals, appearing before revenue officers, and assisting lawyers in representing before judicial bodies.

Salary Structure design

We help you design suitable salary structure for your employees considering labour laws and employee satisfaction. A well planned salary structure can significantly reduce the tax burden on employees, thereby increasing their take-home salary.

Individual Taxation

Individual tax preparation becomes a stress-free task when you approach us. We help you to identify the areas where you can save your tax. You will be in a better position to choose which investment to make in a tax efficient manner keeping in mind your overall financial goal.

Succession planning

Passing on your business and assets to the next generation requires careful planning. Lack of proper succession planning may result in a tax burden that will significantly reduce the wealth available to the future generation. We ensure the most tax efficient and effective method regarding the future succession of your business, whilst maintaining business and operational objectives..

Capital Gains Planning

Property transactions usually involve a huge sum of money. Many people end up paying huge capital gains tax not realizing that there are plenty of avenues provided in the law for saving capital gains tax. We help our clients to lawfully reduce their capital gains tax liability.

FEMA compliances

We provide comprehensive solutions for foreign exchange transactions, be it Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), external payments, overseas investments and External Commercial Borrowings (ECB). We assist clients in furnishing FC-GPR, FC-TRS, Single Master Form (SMF) and other related forms.

Transfer Pricing

We help you streamline your transfer pricing policy and build robust transfer pricing documentation that is in line with BEPS guidelines. Our TP team helps clients in complying Country by County Reporting (CbCR), Master File, Safe Harbour Rules etc.

International Tax Advisory

We review your cross border transactions and business models to make them more tax effective, lessen the risk of constituting Permanent Establishment, assist in repatriation of funds, support in obtaining Foreign Tax Credit (FTC)  and help in getting lower withholding taxes.

Export Incentives, subsidies, rebates and refunds consulting

We ensure that our clients do not miss out availing export incentives, subsidies provided by various Government/ Non-Government agencies, rebates and refunds available on fulfilling various conditions etc.