Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Managing your payroll is not a worry anymore 

Outsourcing payroll allows employers and organisations to focus on their core business activities and frees up the business owner, HR department or accounting team to put their maximum effort and time on strategic activities that could ultimately affect your bottom line. Irrespective of the number of your employees, attending to payroll need a significant time and effort.

Efficient management of payroll has become a success factor for every organization in order to achieve its organisational goals and productivity. An effective and expert outsourced payroll management team can and help a business organisation to simplify payroll, boost productivity, and improve administration and ultimately cost saving and increased profitability.

Entrust us with your payroll processing services

Managing payroll function can be a real undertaking for a business entity as its difficult to retain skilled staff at a lower cost while working in an environment of unceasing growth and development. Our team will manage your entire payroll process to make it more secure, timely and make sure that you meet your responsibilities on time.

We are a specialist team who provides payroll outsourcing services to ease your as well as your clients’ payload management workload. Our specially designed professional team is capable of handling all kinds of payroll processing requirements.

The payroll outsourcing services provided by Jaks & Associates are crafted to meet all your requirements and are a one-stop solution for all your payroll-related queries. Our payroll service providers follow the defined SLAs and processes.

Accuracy is yet another trait. We conduct multiple-level cross-checks to eradicate errors—our robust quality assurance mechanism ensurances pre-payroll validations and post-payroll Quality Assurance. We have the highest standards in terms of quality and accuracy.

At JAKS, we have  levels of automation, enabling us to maintain the highest standards in payroll outsourcing service providers. All the payroll processes are carried out through our internet-based portal without compromising security, confidentiality and accuracy. We prioritise the data security of our clients as we value the confidentiality of the company data.

Why you should outsource your payroll services with Jaks & Associates

Jaks & Associates offer payroll outsourcing services large medium and small enterprises. We have clients from countries like the US,the UK and the Middle East. Owing to the flexibility and convenience, more and more companies are now outsourcing their payroll services

Benefits of outsourcing your payroll services with Jaks & Associates.

Exclusive end-to-end services

The expert team at Jaks & Associates are capable of delivering all the payroll-related services. We ensure timely delivery of monthly slips to the full and final settlement of payroll reports.

Focus on core elements

By outsourcing your payroll services, you can have peace of mind and pay more attention to other relevant matters, thereby increasing your productivity and profitability.

Experienced team

Our expert team is eligible to provide you with a seamless service. Our professional team has years of experience handling payroll processes and is well versed in all payroll-related rules and regulations. They have remained updated on all the changing trends and relations in the payroll industry.


Our payroll service provider has worked with multiple payroll options like complex pay structure, computing variable pay, support for most bank formats and multiple salary revisions. Our payroll system is highly flexible, allowing you to choose the one according to your needs.

Multi-industry sector service

We provide payroll outsourcing services for various industries including  trading, manufacturing, telecom, services like entertainment, professionals, e-commerce, banking to name a few

Advanced technology

We provide accurate and accurate payroll services as we use the most modern technology for all our payroll processes.

Data security

We have a professional-level data security system, prioritising our client’s confidentiality and security. Your data is safe and sound in our hands.

One stop shop

The services of Jaks & Associates are not limited to payroll administration. Our talented team can give you the best solution for statutory compliance, staffing, HR consulting, HRMS, recruiting and training services and many other payroll services.

Payroll outsourcing services

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