Information Memorandum

The best tool for the first impression by your investor

Information Memorandum is a report prepared by the Company to present to its potential investors. It contains all the required information about the company which will have an impact on the value. The investment may be equity investment or debt finance. Our team has prepared Information Memorandum for numerous companies and has gained good exposure to various industries. Our team will help in preparing Information Memorandum and also assist in dealing with investors. We offer continuous support throughout the deal.

  • Investment highlights
  • A brief history of the company
  • Promoters of the company
  • Market overview
  • Major competitors in the industry
  • Report on a financial model including valuation
  • Funding requirement
  • Return on investment

Who needs to prepare Information Memorandum

  • Business owners planning to raise investments
  • Business owners planning to sell the business
  • Start-ups looking to raise angel investment


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