Feasibility Study

Are you aware of the feasibility of your project?

Feasibility study is an analysis that considers all relevant factors of a project including economic, market, legal and financial viability to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully. Feasibility study provides crucial information to the management thereby preventing them from entering into any unascertained risky ventures or projects. This study assess the practicability of a proposed plan or a project. The goal of any feasibility study is to understand all aspects of the project, to become aware of any potential problems that could occur while implementing the project and to finally determine if the project is worth undertaking.

How we conduct feasibility study

1. Market, Demand and Competition Analysis

We do a deep study of market and demand analysis in the target demography considering the geographical merits and demerits, market competition analysis, trends in customer behaviour, pricing strategies adopted by the competitors and the growth drivers.

2. Preparation of projected Financial statements

Usually projected financial statements are prepared for 5 years and it might vary based on the requirement. We assist in the preparation of revenue model with identified revenue streams and projected income statements based on the revenue model along with projected Balance sheet and cash flow statements.

3. Financial viability analysis

In this area, we do thorough research and submit our report on SWOT analysis, wherein we check the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of the proposed or existing project. Our report also includes scenario analysis for better decision making.

4. Legal Viability

This report details the schemes and support from Governments, laws & regulations and checking whether any aspect of the proposed project conflicts with the requirement of law. Any organization in order to sustain in a particular country has to abide by its laws and regulations and conduct the business or any activity within its prescribed rules.

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