To outsource your finance and accounting services to JAKS, please fill up our Contact Us form with you requirements and we will get back to you. You can also ring up our Offshore Business Development Partner to convey your requirements.

You can outsource your work to us through:

  1. A remote desk protocol
  2. A secure cloud access
  3. A file transfer protocol

JAKS offers you 3 pricing models for our outsourcing services:

  1. Hourly rate – Billed at the end of assignment based on number of hours worked
  2. Subscription (FTE) – Employ us on a full or partial FTE basis (40/80/160 hours per month) with a dedicated team
  3. Fixed Fee – Fixed fee billed at the onset of assignment for a defined scope and time frame

Request for a quote to identify the ideal pricing model for your requirements and its cost.

You can always start with a free trial to evaluate our services, risk and obligation free.

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JAKS has the best team of experts on board to serve you. Our finance and accounting services team is led by 17 experienced chartered accountants and financial advisors assisted by well trained and highly skilled team of 130+ professional staff to ensure best quality services to our clients. Our senior associates ensure that all our accountants are well trained in the use of all major accounting softwares and are updated with all recent changes in compliance requirements including IFRS and GAAP reporting standards.

We employ strict and continuously monitored data security procedures to ensure that your data is safe and secure at JAKS, whether we work through your server, on cloud or through a FTP Server. We ensure that proper Non – Disclosure Agreements are signed and also implement stringent data and IP protection measures. JAKS has 24/7 manned security with CCTV cameras and 100 % secured servers to ensure your data is protected.

JAKS is equipped with an expert team of accountants, who are well trained to operate in all major accounting and payroll softwares. Some of the software packages we frequently use are Sage, Xero, Thomson Reuters, IRIS, QuickBooks, Quicken, MYOB etc. Our strong technology expertise at JAKS makes us capable to support any of the accounting softwares used by our clients.

Yes, we do provide a free trial option. You can avail our 100% obligation free, 10 hours of free services as per your requirements which allows you to evaluate our services risk free. You can request for a free trial through our website if interested.

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Outsourcing your services to a right outsourcing partner allow you to scale up your team with reduced staff costs and overheads. The facility provides you access to skilled and qualified accountants, reduces turnaround time of jobs, increase in-house efficiency and helps you focus more on core activities enabling your organisation to grow faster.

You can outsource an entire process/project or specific tasks to JAKS, as per your requirements. Once you let us know your needs, we will work on how we can support you for your specific needs and suggest an appropriate custom workflow and a pricing model.