Corporate Finance Training

Require finance training for your staff?

Corporate finance training is an important aspect, if we view it from the angle of any company. Once the company recruit the employees in the finance department they are expected to perform like professionals with full knowledge relating to their roles. However, at times they are unable to meet the company’s expectation as they lack the professional knowledge and skills and cannot perform to their best.

Hence, we provide this service by training the non-financial executives to raise their awareness of finance and use financial information in making better business decisions.

Primarily this service focuses on providing training on critical financial concepts and principles in an easy to follow manner, enabling the participants to make critical business decisions involving cost savings, budgets, understanding and analyzing financial statements etc. By enlightening financial awareness, participants are better able to manage businesses revenues, costs, profits and cash.

What areas are covered under this training?

1. Importance of finance in day to day decision making

Management of organization has got no time to go deep into the basic bookkeeping procedures and check the validity or authenticity of the reports submitted by the accounting staffs and as a result of which the accounting staff should be well equipped with the basics and not commit any major errors. Decisions are taken based on the reports generated and submitted to the top management and each decision will have an impact on the company.

2. Understanding & analyzing the three vital financial statements

Financial statements are formal record of financial activities in any organization. This is an important report that every accountant or finance professional should be aware of. In this we will cover the following areas:
a) Profit & Loss
b) Balance Sheet
c) Cash Flow statement
d) Difference between net profit and cash flow

3. Ratio Analysis

Ratio Analysis is a quantitative relation between two or more figures to assist the management in proper decision making in the areas of liquidity, profitability and operational efficiency by studying financial statements such as the balance sheet and profit and loss account. This analysis tells us the financial health of the company.

4. Budgeting & variance analysis

A budget & variance analysis is a method by which a company’s budget is compared to actual results and the reasons for the variance are analyzed. The purpose of all variance analysis is to understand where we went wrong? How we can make corrections in our future actions? Where to apply the controls?

5. Other Concept Training

Breakeven analysis, costing, depreciation, inventory accounting concepts and its application in business decisions. All these concepts will equip the finance team to handle the functions even more efficiently and assist the management by furnishing the appropriate reports.

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