CFO Services

Does your organization need a CFO service?

CFO is a key person in any organization who assists the top management to take important decisions. Any major changes or actions are taken only after consulting a CFO to understand the risks and financial viability.

This role has that much power and significance and hence only an experienced person in the respective industry can guide the management team. Since an experienced person can be very expensive to hire, small and medium companies search for the alternatives.

What if they knew there are alternatives that can bring to them a team of finance experts with experience in their industry for about half the cost of hiring a full-time CFO? Yes, now we are talking about CFO SERVICES.

Areas we can assist you with

1. System review and reporting

If your company decision-makers lack true financial picture, they might end up taking the wrong decisions. The reports that come to you from your finance department may not have the right KPIs for your industry. We review the existing financial reporting system and bring to your notice the areas for improvements and corrections.

2. Guidance in setting up MIS

Every company requires proper Management Information Systems (MIS). In this area, we assist in providing comprehensive Management review pack containing both financial and non-financial lead and lag Indicators and comments and discuss the above MIS prepared by the finance team with the management on a monthly basis.

3. Guidance in setting budgets and review performance

A budget tells your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Hence it is advised to prepare a budget and keep track of the same. We assist you in creating budgets and system to track the same.

4. Structuring and implementing the Internal controls

Guidance in defining, structuring, and implementing internal control policies and practices with a view to control cost and monitor financial transactions.
Evaluation of internal control processes, assistance in evolving appropriate processes to ensure reliable and timely reports.

5. Operational Performance and other financial aspects

Guidance in working capital management and managing the cost of capital, guidance in preparation and review of annual financial statements, clearing of Adhoc queries related to the financial management of the business, review operations, performance and other financial aspects of the organization.

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