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A Business Plan is a document in which a new business opportunity, or business goals of an already existing business, is identified, described and analyzed, examining its technical, economic and financial feasibility. Business plan is a decision making tool. This service is even more detailed than feasibility studies even though both sound very similar. Business plan is a detailed version covering many other business aspects. It details nature of business, background information of organization, organization’s financial projections, and strategies it expects to implement to achieve the stated targets. Documented business plans are often required to obtain bank loans or any other kind of financing. Business plan serves as a business card for introducing the business to others namely banks, investors, institutions, public bodies or any other agent involved, when the time comes to seek cooperation or financial support of any kind. The content and the format of any business plan is determined by its goals and its audience. The plan develops all procedures and strategies necessary in order to convert the business opportunity into an actual business project.  It is a crucial tool in order to start up a business project, independently of the size of the project and/or of the amount of business experience of the entrepreneur. It provides answers to the simple questions about a new business or a business already existing.

What Aspects Are Covered Under Business Plan

1. Background, Executive summary and Business description

This section covers all the basic aspect about the business namely the company history, vision & mission, organization chart, personnel plans, products dealt with, services offered, road map of the project.

2. Market Size, Industry Analysis, Marketing Plan and Competitor report

This studies the target market of the product potential market size, marketing plan, distribution channels, entry barriers, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis and industry analysis. This section in any business plan is to provide the investor & the management of the company an idea of risks and opportunities of business.

3. Product details and financial Plan/ projections

Details about the products and services, it’s pricing, a roadmap of the products, products in pipeline, sales plan and sales forecast, revenue model, financial projections for 3 years with assumptions, ratio analysis and break-even analysis.

4. Feasibility services

Since, business plan and feasibility study is interrelated, our services of business plan includes a part of feasibility studies including financial, legal, operations and market feasibility. For more details: refer to the detailed Feasibility studies services.

5. Management Summary

Management of the company or the proposed project, team size, efficiency and quality of the people is mentioned herewith. Management summary shall give an idea of how much capable the team as a whole is thereby creating a trust in the minds of the bankers/ Investors.

6. Achievements and Milestones

All investors as well as bankers while analyzing business growth of any organization will prefer to glance through the achievements made by them  so far. Hence under this section we detail out the company’s achievements, recognitions and milestones to add a cherry on top of the cake.

7. Use of Funds and Exit Strategy

While raising money from investors, they would like to know how the company plans to use their funds. Hence it’s advisable to include a brief section of usage of funds in business plan. This section will show the major areas where the investors’ funds will be spent. An exit strategy is a plan for eventually selling the business, either to another company or to the public in an IPO. Investors will want to know the management’s thought on this as investors will want to get a return on their investment when the company is sold to someone else.

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